Raku Hummingbird Inner Spirit Rattle by Davis

Raku Hummingbird Inner Spirit Rattle by Davis: Encourage Strength & Recovery Raku Hummingbird Whisperer innerSpirit Rattle with card that says: HUMMINGBIRD WHISPERER Though they are the tiniest birds in the world, hummingbirds are independent, feisty, and ferocious. Agile and resilient creatures, during adverse conditions, hummingbirds enter a brief hibernation to reduce metabolism, but will soon recover when conditions improve. This innerSpirit Rattle puts you in the mind of: Strength & Recovery. Hand made Inner Spirit Rattles are a great gift item. They are beautiful and they lift your spirit! Try one today! 3 x 3" Please note: Hand made Raku is all about the surprise when it comes out of the kiln! Due to this beautiful and unpredictable process, items ordered will vary from what you see pictured.

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