Pyramid, Baltic Birch Plywood, By Seth Keaveny

Pyramid, Baltic Birch Plywood, By Seth Keaveny We don't always want to know what time it is (i.e having to order that last drink due to the bar closing), but sometimes we must... So the next time you are in the office or even at home, count down the hours and minutes until Friday on this swinging wooden desk clock. Unless it is Friday... Just don't look at it. Disclaimer: If you are thinking about purchasing this interactive and hypnotizing clock, please look at the images and note that there's no motor. We make gravity work for us and for free... just wanted to make that clear so anyone buying this item is not disappointed by expecting the clock to swing back and fourth nonstop. Personally, it would drive me nuts and I would have to literally hide it. :) ****Requires 1 AA Battery (not included)**** 9" x 7" x 17"

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