Cubist Bird Feeder- Aqua- by Joe Papendick

This first series of "Cubist" bird feeders measure 11" tall X 8" wide.

Two stainless steel rods, inserted through holes drilled into the sides of each piece, allow a perforated aluminum screen for bird seed to simply rests on the rods.
This feeder screen sits between the boundaries created by two rectangular slats which are inserted through cuts made into both sides of the pieces.
An additional stainless steel rod runs perpendicularly through these slats, serving to stabilize the rectangular elements, while also serving as an extended perch for birds.
Keeping the various elements separate - without welding - allows for them to be painted separately, now in in the future.
These pieces are each treated with spray primer and enamel. Although they are pictured here in only select colors - with white as the sole horizontal color - they can be easily finished in any combination of colors you'd prefer.

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