Craftsman Style Luminaries by Marcus Wiliams

Craftsman Style Luminaries by Marcus Wiliams Hanging Tealight Luminaire kits. Natural wood model kit you punch out and snap together! The beauty of the Craftsman style is it's simplicity. These nano-lights are designed with straight lines in an elegant, vintage shape often seen in the Arts and Crafts era. They give off great light with just a tiny tealight candle inside. The hook is included (but removable) to hang a series by string. *Note: THses lights DO NOT ome with the screen shown. They are open sided.* Each kit includes all 6 pieces of laser cut wood and the hook that easily snap together in minutes. A candle or LED drops in from the top and add the hook if you chose. The wood is a light birch that comes natural, but can handle any finish you would like, from paint to stain or clear sealer (for extended outdoor use). You can swap in digital LED tealights for occasions where fire isn't an option. Each lantern stands about 3" tall plus about 4" more with the hook added. They are just over 2.5" square. Disclaimer: It's fire! Be careful around open flame. Never leave them unattended or accessible to small children. Be careful with hot wax that can pour out if the lanterns are tipped. Pretty standard stuff with all candles. Using the lights in any other way from what they were designed may lead to problems. Just use common sense and enjoy their beauty!

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