Black Be Versatile 2/3 Strap Cork Handbag - Natalie DiBello

Mammoth Be Unique Rounded Cork Shoulder Bag - Natalie DiBello Stand out with this rounded handbag. Handmade from eco-friendly cork fabric. Cork fabric PVC-free faux leather Organic cotton lining Two inside slip pockets Zipper closure 15''W x 8''H x 3''D What is CORK FABRIC? Cork shavings removed from the bark of the cork oak tree are transformed into ultra thin sheets to produce cork fabric. Cork is a natural and sustainable material harvested from cork oak trees every nine years without harming or killing the trees. The bark of the trees naturally regenerates, making cork a renewable resource. Cork is also recyclable and biodegradable. Natalie Therése sources cork fabric from Portugal, the world's number one cork producer. The manufacturer avoids the use of chemicals in the production process. Cork fabric makes an ideal material for handbags because it is lightweight, soft, easy to clean, stain-resistant, and waterproof. Why Faux Leather? Eco-friendly faux leather is a smart choice for a leather alternative. Natalie Therése chooses faux leather for her collection that is made from degradable polyurethane and contains pigments and chemicals that comply with EPA standards. Polyurethane faux leather offers a greener alternative to both vinyl (PVC) and to animal leather. PVC is not degradable, leaches toxins in landfills and emits carcinogenic dioxins when incinerated. Animal leather production is a chemical-laden process.

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