Sondra Gerber


Metal sculptor Sondra Gerber’s sculptures have an intimate interaction between shape and shadow, depth and movement. The use of positive and negative shapes within the intricate cut of her designs casts alluring shadows that interact with the piece itself. Carefully planned out patterns and textures are ground into the surface of the aluminum to reflect light, giving the appearance movement. Recently, Sondra has been adding color to select works with the use of metal dyes and fused glass pieces.

Did you know: Sondra was featured on HGTV’s “That’s Clever!” and has done several large scale commissions for Habitat for Humanity in L.A.

86 results
Retro Baby Bird by Sondra Gerber
Retro Bird by Sondra Gerber
Family of 6 by Sondra Gerber
Sail Wave by Sondra Gerber
Dancing Couple by Sondra Gerber
Silent Love by Sondra Gerber
Color Ribbon Dancer by Sondra Gerber
Cross My Heart by Sondra Gerber
Wide 1 Bird Branch by Sondra Gerber
Red Heart
Pop Art by Sondra Gerber
P003 Boston

86 results

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