Sculpture - Ceramic

Sally Scott is a fun, energetic clay artist, whose serious attention to tiny details can be seen in her sculpting. She uses clay working as a form of relaxation and spends hours getting lost in those details. 

  Sally hand rolls her clay with a rolling pin, cuts her shapes with a knife, texturizes, sculpts and fires the piece in a kiln. Then, she meticulously finishes her pieces with hand-painted glazes and fires the piece again!

  Working as a 3rd grade teacher in her small home town, Sally’s young students often are the inspiration for many of her pieces. From wacky to adorable, we think her sculptures are a reflection of her many “teaching mood moments!”

Did you know? 

Sally Scott is Blue Pom owner Sondra Gerber’s sister, who grew up crafting together!

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Handwarmer mugs - © Blue Pomegranate Gallery
Fairy House by Michael Macone - © Blue Pomegranate Gallery
Flower Child Camper by Sally Scott - © Blue Pomegranate Gallery
Garden Get-a-way Camper by Sally Scott - © Blue Pomegranate Gallery
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