Stunning collection of American Handmade Jewelry from our favorite artists!
212 results
Ruby Silver Drop Earrings by Laura Bergman
Pearls in White Necklace by Jan Hart
Birdhouse Earrings by McQueen
Desert Magic Necklace by Yoolie
Anodized Aluminum, Sterling Silver Earrings by Jon Klar
Scarlet Mormon Butterfly wing Earrings by Simona Dedek
Earth Blossoms I by Jan Hart
Peacock Coin Pearl “Tin Cup” Necklace by Cassie Leaders
Extra Long Gray/Black Random Pearl Necklace 72”
Sahara Oasis Earrings by Yoolie
Cloudy Day Necklace by Jan Hart
Extra Long Bronze/Chocolate Random Pearl Necklace 72”
Birdie's Home Necklace by McQueen
Birds and Birdhouse St. Silver Earrings by McQueen
Rainbow, Cloud Earrings by McQueen
Ruby Beer Bottle Glass in Silver Filigree Teardrop Earrings by Laura Bergman
Tahitian Pearl Pendant by Cassie Leaders
Love Locket St. Silver and Brass Necklace by McQueen by McQueen
Story Book Earrings by McQueen
Oven Bird Earrings by Mor

212 results

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