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Dancing Flower, Short by Sondra Gerber
Pop Up Vase with Glass Flowers by Sondra Gerber
Dancing Flower, Tall by Sondra Gerber
Flower Basket with stand by Anne Nye
Wildflower Wishes Wave by DeMoss
10" Round Wildflower Wishes in stand by DeMoss
Five Petite Fleurs by Lois Froistad
In the Garden II by Carol Fennell, part of a 3 piece set
In the Garden III by Carol Fennell, part of a 3 piece set
Lollipoppy in stand by Anne Nye
Posie Pots by Anne Nye
Red Poppy Bowl by Anne Nye
Sunrise Fields - California Poppies by Anne Nye
Sunrise Poppies by Anne Nye
Stickpins 12 x 12" Acrylic by Jeff Boutin
Flower Bed 12 x 16” Acrylic by Jeff Boutin
Forever Flowers 24 x 30" Acrylic by Jeff Boutin
Ballroom Dance 36 x 36" Acrylic by Jeff Boutin
Star Flower in Stand by J DeMoss
Sunflower in V Stand by DeMoss
Bloomers, Fused Glass Flowers in Stands by J. DeMoss
Delphinium with Glass by Sondra Gerber
LG Single Silver Base Glass Flower by Scott Johnson

42 results

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