Unique Artwork

Unique Artwork, Just the Right Box

Gift wrapping or packing up each piece of unique artwork with flair has always been a specialty of Blue Pomegranate Gallery. This means that we use an enormous amount of boxes, bags, printed tissue paper, foam, packing peanuts, and tape.

Where do we get all these boxes, you might ask? And once we have them, where on earth do we keep them all? Did you know that Sondra Gerber is not only an accomplished art designer of her own unique artwork, she is also a master at stacking boxes, Russian Nesting Doll style? There is no doubt an art to this as well. It is one of her many amazing skills.

When the holiday season comes around, Metal Petal artwork is in high demand, but Blue Pomegranate orders also pick up. Online ordering makes it super easy for shopping for gifts, or for yourself, without having to fight lines or germs. Several friends save their [insert gigantic online predatory merchant name here] boxes, which we are happy to recycle into packaging for our Blue Pomegranate customers. The problem is, the boxes tend to stack up, creating a messy and cluttered work environment for the staff who are busy finishing artwork to send out.

We might try making a tower out of them and playing cardboard Jenga, or leaving them out for Bonnie the cat to claim as her new favorite napping place. They can be left sticking just a few inches outside the boundary of the table, so that Jennifer will trip on them because she can’t see. But the best use is for sending out new artwork to our online shoppers. Until then, Sondra creates boxes within boxes within boxes within boxes, which sit patiently and snugly under the work table for Jason or Jennifer, who pick just the right box for sending out many of the amazing unique art pieces and gifts from Blue Pom. “That’s a nice box!” is a favorite phrase heard often at Metal Petal Art.

We also have a fun “We recycle our boxes” sticker, which proudly states, “Ugly is the new pretty,” on every recycled box. We are proud of the products we sell, carefully handmade by many local artists. But we are also proud of recycling our boxes, shipping or delivering this amazing art just about anywhere in the country. Find your next piece of unique artwork at www.bluepom.com!

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