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Omaha Local Art in the Age of COVID

It is an understatement to say that no other year in recent history has affected small businesses like 2020. The Omaha local art scene has met this challenge in a variety of ways. For Blue Pom, it was a fairly smooth transition to adapt.

After Blue Pom moved out of their west Omaha brick and mortar shop at Village Pointe in 2019, they switched over to a more versatile point of sale system. By the time 2020 hit, our tech guru, Jason Gerber, had already reconfigured Blue Pom’s website to be user friendly. This included the option for customers to pick up their orders from their current location - the Gerber’s home studio. No human contact was necessary, payments were made online. Gift wrapping was still available as always, and often the orders would be ready that same day. Omaha local art was still as accessible as ever. Not only this, but it became even more personal during a challenging time when people were being isolated and stifled.

When businesses started shutting down in March of 2020, the Blue Pom staff brainstormed ways to still host the ever popular Garden Party over Memorial Day weekend. They decided to require reservations, and limit the number to ten guests at a time in the garden, per the governor’s mandate. The entire event is outside, so that also helped keep people safe as they enjoyed the gardens and shopped for Omaha local art.

Staff wore masks, equipment was kept sanitized, barriers set between cashier and customers. Customers could also come look through the garden, then leave and order online. Their order would then be ready for pickup when they desired, again without contact. Other patrons reserved personal appointments to peruse the garden with either Sondra or Jason Gerber, and complete their purchase without dealing with even a small crowd.

Adaptability has been the name of the game for small businesses in the age of COVID. Blue Pom is committed to keeping the Omaha local art scene viable, accessible, and personal, all while keeping people safe.

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