Garden Party Info- click now
9th Annual Garden Art Party
May 24th - 26th
interior view of Village Pointe Gallery
Gallery Pop-ups
Stay tuned!
canvases by Nebraska artist
Local Artists
Blue Pom features artists from 36 states and counting!
jewelry display by Cassie Leaders
For any occasion and every style.
Sondra Gerber Birch woods metal art over modern couch
American Handmade
Perfect pieces for perfect spaces.

American Handmade

Art that makes you smile!  Owned by artist, Sondra Gerber,

Blue Pom is full of bright, bold and colorful art that lifts your spirits.

2019 Garden Preview Party Ticket - © Blue Pomegranate Gallery
Harper Glass Cardinal by Sondra Gerber - © Blue Pomegranate Gallery
Bike Dishette by Cheryl Stevens - © Blue Pomegranate Gallery
Ocean Box by Sondra Gerber - © Blue Pomegranate Gallery
Mini Red Splash in stand by Charlotte Behrens - © Blue Pomegranate Gallery
Nebraska Heartland Ornament by Sondra Gerber - © Blue Pomegranate Gallery
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